Texas Senate Probably Won't Pass Gambling Legislation

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Folks are giddy over the prospect of gambling expansion in the Lone Star State after Democratic Sen. Carol Alvarado, of Houston filed a bill proposing a constitutional amendment to legalize casino and sports betting.


But Southeast Texas Political Analyst Tom Taschinger says don't hold your breath. 

While the bill may pass in the Texas House, it probably won't get through the senate.

"The senate is very conservative under Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. It's really hard to imagine, either Patrick letting a bill be voted on in the senate, or seeing it pass," Taschinger said. 

Alvarado's bill would create the Texas Gaming Commission and allow four casino resorts in major Texas cities.

Taschinger admits that the public is changing its stance on gambling.

"Times are changing in Texas until the lottery came along 20 years or so ago. Texas had no gambling what so ever and it was considered a bad bad thing," Taschinger said.

Legal Sports Reports Mike Mazzeo tweeted out that "the Texas Sports Betting Alliance is hopeful to make announcements on an online sports betting bill and author in early February, a spokesperson said".

Any gambling expansion would require approval by two-thirds of lawmakers in both the House and Senate.  And that's not where it will end.  Texas voters get the final say during a constitutional amendment election.

California recently tried to go down this route and failed.  Colorado just barely got a gambling referendum passed with only slightly over 50% voter approval.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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