Texas AG Wants DraftKings Lawsuit Moved or Dismissed: Claims DFS Illegal

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Alistair Prescott
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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he wants a lawsuit filed by DraftKings to be moved to another venue or dismissed entirely.

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DraftKings filed its lawsuit petition back in March asking for a declaratory judgment that Daily Fantasy Sports contests are legal in Texas after Paxton stated otherwise and demanded the Daily Fantasy Sports company cease allowing state residents to play there.  Paxton offered his opinion that Daily Fantasy Sports contests are partially based on chance and therefore illegal under state gambling laws.

“This relief is necessary to prevent immediate and irreparable harm to DrafKings, which otherwide could be forced out of business in Texas - one of its three largest state markets - and irrevocably damaged nationwide,” the fantasy sports business said in its petition.

It said it wants to prevent Paxton “from further acting to eliminate daily fantasy sports … contests enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Texans for the past decade.”

Paxton also stated that the DraftKings suit should be transferred to a criminal court. 

For its part, the Boston-based firm claims it filed the lawsuit in Dallas County because many of its customers are there, a number had closed their accounts after Paxton’s opinion.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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