Super Bowl Shutout for Delaware?

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Thomas Somach
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Sunday, February 1, 2009, is Super Bowl Sunday, and two states in the USA have legal wagering on the National Football League (NFL)--Nevada and Delaware.

That day will be the busiest football betting day of the year in Nevada--and the most profitable--but in Delaware all will be quiet and nary a penny's profit will be turned.

That's because Nevada casinos allow bets on single games while Delaware casinos only permit parlay bets of at least three games.

Since there's only one game on Super Bowl Sunday, and three-game parlay bets won't be possible, Delaware bettors will be shut out on the biggest betting day of the year.

If you're thinking why couldn't you parlay three Super Bowl bets then, such as the side, the total and a first-half wager, it won't be allowed in Delaware--only parlay bets involving sides (who will cover the pointspread) are permitted.

And it won't just be Super Bowl Sunday that will be all quiet at the Delaware sports betting counters.

A week earlier--the day of the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) championship games--it will be equally action-free at Delaware sport-betting counters, because there will only be two NFL games that day.

The conference championships and the Super Bowl, of course, are Weeks #3 and #4 of the NFL playoffs.

Weeks #1 and #2 will each feature four NFL playoff games, so Delaware bettors will be able to wager those weeks.

Government officials in the State of Delaware tried for years to bring back legal NFL wagering, which the state had in 1976 for only one year.

When they finally accomplished the feat last summer, the officials of that near-bankrupt state gleefully anticipated the revenues that legal NFL parlay betting would deliver.

Apparently, though, those same officials neglected to anticipate that Delaware won't be able to offer football wagering on what's normally the biggest football betting day of the year.

By Tom Somach




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