Super Bowl 43 Gambling Numbers Brisk So Far

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While actual betting numbers are not in and does not have access to such information, the website has been monitoring 2009 Super Bowl gambling traffic throughout the day via statistical data.  The news is good thus far.

"Prior to 2 pm EST and throughout much of the morning, the amount of traffic has been brisk," says Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the website.  "This is great news for the online sportsbooks and hopefully Vegas as well, which already should have a captive audience in place." is considered an indicator of online gambling traffic due to its extensive Web presence and branding.

"The numbers were slightly better than last year pre-2 pm EST," says O'Brien.  "This is despite's even stronger presence in search.  While the competition has increased, there is some indication that fewer people are betting on this game compared to last year.  Whether that relates to the economy or less interest due to who is playing remains to be seen."

Last year's Super Bowl featured two marquee teams from two of the largest markets in the US:  The New York Giants and New England Patriots.

While the Pittsburgh Steelers arguably have the most loyal fan base in a city that ranks among the best sports towns, its overall market is smaller than that of either New England or the New York City area. 

While Arizona is the second fastest growing state with a population that ranks 14th in the country and a city, Phoenix, that ranks as the 5th most populous city in the nation, its Cardinals have long been nomads of the desert and a joke in the NFL.  Not any more.  But their Super Bowl appearance has come so swiftly, the Cardinals have had little time to develop a national identity.

"The most Super Bowl betting traffic will come between the hours of 2 pm and 6 pm EST," O'Brien points out. 

Vegas bookmakers already forecast a few million less in revenue over last year's Super Bowl.

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