Super Bowl 2010: Betting Action Depends on Book

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C Costigan
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Super Bowl 2010

So far, Sportsbook.com appears to have defied the Super Bowl 2010 betting trends with most of its customers jumping on the Indianapolis Colts bandwagon.  64 percent of gamblers betting the Super Bowl 2010 spread were on Indianapolis at -5 at Sportsbook.com.

"They are bucking the trend because so many other online sportsbooks have most action coming in on the Saints," Gambling911.com Senior Reporter, Carrie Stroup, explained.  "Super Bowl 2010 will have different results for different books."

And for the online sportsbooks, the difference between 55 percent of one side getting more action over the other and balanced (50 percent) action means all the difference in the world compared with other game matchups that take place throughout the year.

"The rough estimate - and some might say underestimate - is that 200 million people throughout the world have placed bets totaling $5 billion," Stroup says.  "So you can do the math and realize how much money the online sportsbooks stand to win or lose."

With one caveat:  Around 80 percent of the bets that come in will be related to Super Bowl 2010 props, most of which will be winners for the online bookmakers.

"They (the books) can afford a little bit of wiggle room with the action on the spread and total."

And that total, now at OVER/UNDER 57 at Sportsbook.com, has seen the most lopsided action to date without much movement.  With more volume coming in, the line has moved up a half point from 56 ½.  At one point action was more than 80 percent on the OVER.  This was the highest number ever assigned to a Super Bowl total.

As for the moneyline wagers (a team must win outright), action was relatively even at Sportsbook.com with betting skewed only slightly towards New Orleans.

The Saints would pay out $17 for every $10 bet or $170 for every $100 bet should they win outright.

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Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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