Steinberg Civil Suit in Philadelphia Vanishes Amidst Hellinger Online Gambling Probe

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C Costigan
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The civil suit in Philadelphia filed by former BetOnSports executive Norm Steinberg (AKA Tom Miller) has vanished and can no longer be found on Pacer.   His plea deal in the BetOnSports matter is currently under seal.

Steinberg, a one-time pharmacist charged in a massive prescription probe case (later acquitted after the primary witness died of a heart attack while carving a Thanksgiving Day turkey), was among those indicted in July 2006 for his role in the operations of BetOnSports.  The founder of BetOnSports, Gary Kaplan, and former CEO, David Carruthers, are currently serving time. 

The mysteriously vanishing civil suit has caught the attention of observers studying the case against one Don Hellinger filed by the US Attorney’s Office in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Hellinger was charged with the illegal distribution of over $40 million in Internet gambling winnings during the years 2005 and 2006 through a money transfer company, Payment Processing, Inc.  His connection to online gambling only came about after a grand jury investigation into other alleged illicit activity.

A source tells  Hellinger is alleged to have “swindled countless numbers of elderly individuals” out of their life savings and the US Attorney “wants him and his gang bad”. 

Three of the attorneys in this matter simultaneously represented clients in the BetOnSports indictment out of St. Louis, Missouri, which was at the same time a civil fraud complaint was filed against Hellinger in Philadelphia, is learning.  One attorney in the Hellinger case, Anne Dixon, reportedly represented BetOnSports defendant Tim Brown, who was among nearly a dozen BoS executives and employees charged with violation of gambling laws. 

Brown is the son-in-law of Steinberg. 

- Chris Costigan,

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