Sportsbook.com Still Recovering Following Industry Processor Loss

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C Costigan
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One of the online gambling industry's most successful sports betting enterprises, Sportsbook.com, reassured Gambling911.com on Wednesday that it was in the process of recovering from an industry wide fiasco that left many of the world's largest betting companies and poker sites faced with backlogs of payouts.

A major payment processing company had funds seized from the US Government which left Sportsbook.com and others scurrying to find new processor solutions. Sportsbook.com is widely understood to be the biggest bet taker in terms of overall volume of wagers.

"We are almost back to normal," said Dave Stanley, a Sportsbook.com representative.

There is still a bit of a backlog heading into the new football season.

While at the Sportsbook.com office on Wednesday, the company was celebrating its 11th year anniversary.

Mickey Richardson, CEO of BetCRIS.com and is widely considered among the sector's leaders, warned that if the processing becomes too much of a headache, we as an industry are on the verge of going back to the days of payout requests being taken only one or two days a week.

"If the overflow of customers from Sportsbook.com come to BetCRIS we will have the same issues they are having," Richardson admitted, alluding to the fact that there are very few processors able to handle the type of volume that Sportsbook.com has.


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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