Sportech Football Pools Will be Featured in London’s Daily Mail

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Sportech plc have brokered a deal with the Daily Mail to disseminate New Football Pools data. The news comes after they reported having reached a similar deal with the Daily Telegraph last week.

Traditionally, the Daily Mail has been opposed to gambling, but in future the paper's websites will carry news of Sportech plc's newest New Football Pools gaming applications, Premier 10 and Footy 15, to over 15 million unique users who use the Daily Mail website and digital network.

The agreement also includes advertising and marketing initiatives, both in hard and soft copy, across the Daily Mail's published material.

The Daily Mailalso appears to be in talks with other gaming providers rumoured to be centred around initiating a line of online gaming features branded to the newspaper.

Sportech plc shares opened on the London Stock Exchange this morning at 77.25 pence, slightly worse than their best day's trading (77.75 pence ) since their H1 announcement on August fifth that profits were down 5.8 percent.

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