SpankOdds to Remain Free Through NFL Kickoff 2023, Last Call for London

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Aaron Goldstein
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Big news for those using the new SpankOdds service that came online at the start of the 2022 NFL season.  It's going to be free until the start of the 2023 NFL season.

Gadoon “Spanky” Kryollos made the announcement Sunday.  The odds service has been popular with readers since its inception.   Monthly search inquiries for "SpankOdds" continue to be significant.

Spanky has been upfront about some initial hiccups. was quick to point out that it took years for the grandfather of odds providers, Don Best, to overcome technological glitches. 

Twitter follower Jacob celebrated the news.

"This has made my week, Spanky. Thanks for your kindness and the hard-working people who are working on this. I think this prolonged period will give you guys more time to manage the servers with increasing demand and inevitably make a more well-rounded, finished product. Cheers!"


ICE London Leaving London

After well over a decade of taking place in London, this week might mark the end of Clarion Gaming's ICE gaming conference taking place in that city.

Gaming professionals have been conducting surveys to determine the next likely home for ICE in recent weeks.

ICE London 2023 kicks off this week.  It's widely considered among the top five biggest i-Gaming events of the year, if not THE biggest.

For industry luminary Michael Caselli, it's been 20 years of Fire & ICE, the must-attend event tied in with all the festivities of this week.

Caselli reflected on his time overseeing Fire & Ice.

"I’ve been asked about this year’s Fire & Ice more than any before. Maybe it’s because it is our 20th anniversary or maybe because this swan song will be the last time we tell a story this way. For whatever reason, all the questions have made me consider what has made Fire & ICE a part of iGaming’s culture and history.

"On the surface, Fire & Ice brings people together and turns business relationships into friendships. It’s a place where you feel appreciated for your hard work and where you can celebrate your successes.

"But upon more serious contemplation, I believe that the magic formula is that each Fire & Ice has reflected the spirit and culture of the industry at a moment in time. Through its themes and storylines Fire & Ice has portrayed a zeitgeist that has resonated deeply in the people living through it.

"I wrote this year’s script, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams, with the intention of honouring the legends that pioneered the industry and to commemorate the industry’s twenty-year history. But I now realize that the storyline goes beyond historical moments in the industry. More importantly, the acts represent moments of cultural shifts in the industry and changes the attitudes and perceptions of the people working in it.

"In Beyond Our Wildest Dreams, Act 1 recaps the 20-year tradition of entertainment at Fire & Ice. In the acts that follow, it portrays three major turning points in the culture of the industry. Anyone who’s been in iGaming long enough will clearly recognise each epoch as they watch the show unfold. Finally, it teases a question in Act 5 that is very much a part of the current zeitgeist, and one which is on every executive’s, veteran’s or entrepreneur’s mind, “what new dream will plot the course for our future?” #FireandIceParty Jodie Thind."

- Aaron Goldstein,

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