Snooker Champ John Higgins Bet On Himself To Lose

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Alistair Prescott
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John HIggins

More information continued to come out regarding last week's shocking revelations that Snooker champion John Higgins accepted money to fix matches.

Undercover reporters from the News of the World videotaped Higgins shaking hands on a disgraceful deal to fix a string of high-profile matches after demanding a £300,000 kickback.

The News of the World this Sunday followed up their original report with a disclosure that Higgins attempted to bet against himself during last year's championship.

The three-times world champ was suspended from the sport last week following the initial allegations.

From News of the World:

In a break during the May bank holiday weekend final, Higgins made a secret mobile phone call to bookmakers Ladbrokes to ask for odds on him LOSING to opponent Shaun Murphy at some stage in the match.

Using a password to access his personal account, he then tried to place a substantial wager, telling the operator: "I just want to cover myself."

Amazingly the 34-year-old Scot - guaranteed £125,000 prize money even if he lost - added: "I don't want to walk away without anything."

But Higgins' outrageous attempt to bag an extra payout was thwarted when Ladbrokes' call centre betting clerk sought advice from her manager and rejected the bet.

In the end, Higgins did clinch the championship and £250,000 prize.

A former Ladbrokes worker has sworn a legal affidavit and provided detailed information to back up her claims related to Higgins.

She revealed: "I was watching the game on the big screen when the players got up and walked off for an interval. Higgins was well ahead at the time, he was on fire.

"Then about five minutes later the phone rang so I answered and asked for the account ID. He gave me his name and password but I knew it was him straight away from the soft Scottish accent.

"All his notes came up on the account. His name, password, address, phone number, and there was also a security box on screen which said he was a professional snooker player.

"I was totally starstruck. I couldn't believe it. One minute I'd been watching him on TV and the next thing he was on the phone to me."

Higgins then asked for the odds on Murphy.

"He wanted to place a bet on Murphy winning. He wanted to bet AGAINST himself. I can't remember if it was for him to lose the next frame, the next session or the whole match.

"I can't remember exactly how much he wanted to bet but the figure £1,000 sticks in my mind. I said to him, 'Why do you want to do that? You're well ahead.' Then he said, 'I just want to cover myself.' And he added that he didn't want to walk away without anything.

"But he was doing so well in the match, a bomb would have had to come through the roof for him to lose. He was doing brilliantly. I remember thinking, 'Why bet against yourself?'

Alistair Prescott, 

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