Slow Paying WSEX Gets More Exposure On CNBC

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Aaron Goldstein
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CNBC puts out some of the best original programming when it comes to business and industry.  This week’s schedule includes fresh programming and repeats such as “Planet of the Apps”, “The Facebook Obsession”, “Inside the Mind of Google” (an absolute ‘must see’), and “The Big Business of Illegal Gambling”.

While the later offered the quality programming one might expect from CNBC, the show also gives free press to one of the online gambling industry’s biggest disappointments, Jay Cohen and his World Sports Exchange (WSEX).  The company has been struggling to pay customers over the past year. “The Big Business of Illegal Gambling” originally aired last year and will be rebroadcast on the network. 

Cohen routinely blasted his competition and threw himself in the middle of player disputes on public posting forums prior to serving a nearly two year stint in a US federal prison.

At the time, Cohen insisted his company would never slow pay players for any reason.  And at the time, WSEX didn’t.

Today they are ranked among the worst when it comes to customer service and payouts.  Some customers have waited well over 6 months for their winnings.

“420 days and counting for my check payout request from 2009,” one member of the SBR Forum wrote.

“The Big Business of Illegal Gambling” airs again this upcoming Friday night.  Check your local listings. urges all viewers to stay clear of World Sports Exchange.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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