Sheldon Adelson VegasGoblinKing Now on Twitter

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Ace King
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Sheldon Adelson VegasGoblinKing Now on Twitter

Casino kingpin and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson is now on Twitter….well sort of.

It turns out a Twitter account was recently opened in his name with the descriptor of “VegasGoblinKing”, enough to realize this is no friendly Twitter account.

In fact, as this was going to press, the account was being updated every few minutes with articles that cast Adelson in a not-so-friendly light

The Sands of Las Vegas Chairman has plenty of foes, many of whom reside in the online gambling community.  Adelson is a staunch supporter (and some would say “author”) of legislation that would prohibit Web gambling in the U.S.

- Ace King,

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