Russ Hamilton Won’t be at Table of Champions

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Doyle Brunson
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The WSOP is off to a roaring start. If the economy is affecting the poker players, the numbers don't show it. There have been three events so far and each event has set a record for the number of players entered. I've always said that poker players are a great barometer of the economy and this is a positive sign. Let's hope so anyway.

I've played one event, the $40K. I made it through the 1st day and had above average chips but never won a pot the second day. Out of 208 entries, I was #78. Annoying to beat almost 2/3 of the field and wind up $40,000 loser. It was a good event however with the winner getting almost $2 million.

Mike Caro and I are giving poker seminars at the Rio. Mike is very good with the strategy and tips and I do a Q&A at the end. They are free to the public and lots of folks are coming so you should get there early if you want to attend.

The Table of Champions is tomorrow. It looks like all of the living winners of the main event with the exception of Russ Hamilton will be there to play for the 1st Binion Cup, a new car and bragging rights. It should be a lot of fun and lots of ribbing going on.

Lots of tweeting going on the Twitter. I'm really surprised at all the information you get from the thousands of people that follow you. I truthfully think Twitter is just a fad that will soon fade away. Maybe not, it is a lot of fun. Louise will be home in two weeks and I'll teach her how to tweet.

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