Rush Limbaugh to Buy St. Louis Rams: A $450 Value

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Rush Limbaugh Rams

Right Wing Conservative radio analyst Rush Limbaugh says he's "not a racist".  A few NFL players and at least one team owner has suggested otherwise.

Limbaugh is trying to purchase the St. Louis Rams and his chances, according to the oddsmakers at, are virtually least for now.

They just released odds on Limbaugh buying the team.

YES pays out $450 for every $100 betNO requires an $800 bet to win $100 (the initial bet is returned if he does ultimately buy the team).  An $80 bet pays out $10.  We hate to say it, but those 1/8 odds might have some value. 

It's getting mighty ugly out there.  Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, has said that the NFL would be crazy to allow Limbaugh to purchase the team.

"There is an unquantifiable risk that comes with the size of Rush's audience," Cuban wrote. "The wrong thing said on the show, even if its not spoken by Rush himself, about a sensitive national or world issue could turn into a Black Swan event for the NFL."

Limbaugh's 2003 comments about Donovan McNabb, which were condemned by commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, led to his exit as an ESPN NFL analyst.

Since 1991, Limbaugh has had the most-listened-to radio show in the United States, with 14.25 million listeners a week as of March 2009.

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