A-Rod Likes She-Males? The Oddsmakers Love A-Rod

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Sparky Collins
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One of my fellow Cubanos, the great Perez Hilton, brought up a little ditty that was out there two years back when A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) was caught frolicking around in strip clubs. 

Perez reported the following: "(A-Rod) likes the she-male, muscular type" says a stripper at a club once frequented by Rodriguez. "They brought me up to the champagne room one time. I spun around once and that was it. I'm not his type."

So does this mean that Yours Truly might be able to score a home run with A-Rod?

Frankly speaking, I prefer Madonna myself.

As Gambling911.com's resident transgender entertainment reporter, I find this somewhat comforting I suppose.

Meanwhile, the oddsmakers are eating up the latest A-Rod news related to steroid allegations lodged against the Yankees player.  We learned this weekend that Alex Rodriguez tested positive in 2003 - according to reports by SI.com, and later confirmed by Rodriguez in an interview with ESPN.

Our friends at BetUS.com (I use the term lightly since they are yet to consider Yours Truly for their babes calendar) grabbed the spotlight with this one, offering odds on what A-Rod will do next.  

Here is the statement they issued. 


"Whether the information should have ever made the light of day is debatable, and A-Rod will likely see no repercussions from the league, but the same can't be said of the baseball fans across the country who are looking for answers. This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web BetUS.com posted odds on the latest tragic news."

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on the newest MLB steroid news:

What's next for A-Fraud:

                  Leaves country  30/1

                  Retires  100/1

                  Records stricken from books  8/1

                  Records given an asterisk  4/1

                  Starts a pharmaceutical company  80/1

                  Makes hall of fame  10/1

                  Wins MVP  15/1

                  Wins world series  3/1

                  Stars in Madonna video  10/1

                  Marries Madonna  15/1

Item most likely thrown at A-Rod:

                  Batteries  18/1

                  Pizza  2/1

                  Burger  7/1

                  Popcorn  3/1

                  Hot Dog/Corn Dog  5/1

                  Soda/Water  2/1

                  Juice  5/2

                  Ice Cream  12/1

                  Peanuts  4/1

                  Pretzels  6/1

                  Beer  3/1

                  Cotton Candy  8/1

                  Coffee  10/1

Players most likely outed in report:

                  Ryan Howard  8/1

                  Adam Dunn  4/1

                  Carlos Delgado  5/1

                  Manny Ramirez  5/1

                  Albert Pujols  8/1

                  Prince Fielder  10/1

                  Carlos Pena  3/1

                  David Ortiz  8/1

                  Lance Berkman  5/1

                  Mark Teixeira  3/1

                  Adrian Beltre  8/1

                  Jim Thome  8/1

                  Jim Edmonds  5/1

                  Vladimir Guerrero  8/1

Barry Bonds signs with team

                  Yes  15/1

                  No  1/20

Clemens signs with team

                  Yes  6/1

                  No  1/12

Clemens/Bonds banned from baseball

                  Yes  15/1

                  No  1/20

Clemens, Bonds, and A-Rod start a pharma company together

Yes  50/1  (One option prop)

Sparky Collins, Gambling911.com Entertainment and Alternative Lifestyles Reporter

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