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Jan/20/2015 Review – Daily Fantasy Sports, a site you have trusted since 1999 to bring you the latest news pertaining to the gaming and Fantasy Sports sector, has its review, one of the latest “race to the bottom” platforms currently available.  Their website can be found here.

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For now, G911 has located the pros and cons of via the Internet (player feedback) in order to present its readers with a well-rounded review of this website.

First off, what is  Sounds very niche.

You got that right!

RFF provides yet another unique product in this explosive space.

The object is to draft players that will have a bad game as opposed to Standard Fantasy Football where you draft players that will have good games. You will score points for plays such as fumbles, interceptions, low yardage totals etc as opposed to touchdowns and yardage gained.  Complete your roster based on a typical salary cap format for a 9 man roster without going over the $100,000 allocated budget.

And here’s the best part about In weekly Standard Fantasy Football, Peyton Manning may cost as much as $22,000 because he will be projected to perform well. In Reverse Fantasy Football, he may cost as little as $11,000 whereas Geno Smith may cost as much as $22,000 because Geno will be projected to perform poorly.

Pros: Easy to navigate, great unique concept, nice looking setup and very clean layout, no season long commitments, typical guaranteed prize pool leagues, draft at your convenience, live real-time scoring updates available, creation of lineups is made easy, fumbles lose twice as many points as interceptions does add uniqueness to format though not appealing to all Fantasy aficionados, practice for free, most credit cards and PayPal accepted.

Cons: Average mobile interface, typical guaranteed prize pool leagues (nothing truly unique), may be tough to get used to at first as RFF focuses on defensive players as opposed to the typical Daily Fantasy Sports site with an emphasis on forcing turnovers, fumbles lose twice as many points as interceptions, small initial signup bonus

Scoring Format: .5 PPR, passing touchdowns = 4 points, all other touchdowns = six points, one point per 10 yards rushing/receiving and per 25 yards passing, interceptions throw = -1 point, fumbles lost = -2 points.

Despite the name, does offer a Fantasy platform for the NBA, Major League Baseball and Hockey as well as Football.  You can also find this site via, which forwards to the RFF website.

Check Out The Site Here

- Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor

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