Real Money English Premier League Fantasy Contests Debut With FantasyGol

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Real Money English Premier League Fantasy Contests Debut With FantasyGol

Gauatemala City-based FantasyGol announced on Wednesday the launch of its new pay-to-play real money English Premier League fantasy contests platform they hope will take the industry by storm.

This past fall FantasyGol teamed up with Rochester, New York-based Flower City Gaming, the operators behind Star Fantasy Leagues, in an effort to provide the ultimate daily and weekly fantasy sports experience.

"We are pleased to be working with some of the greatest fantasy soccer minds in the world at FantasyGol," said Star Fantasy Leagues CEO Zach Stanley. "FantasyGol knows their market and are committed to providing the world's leading fantasy soccer experience. In utilizing our technology, FantasyGol is making a statement that they want to operate a fantasy sports business to the highest standards. I can't wait to see what they do."
"It's been my dream, and my father's dream, to run a business focused on soccer," said FantasyGol co-founder Daniel Picciotto. "FantasyGol is a product of passion for the game. It's run by fans, for fans, and the game experience is like no other fantasy soccer website I've ever seen."
FantasyGol CEO Jose Wirtz and a top ranked fantasy soccer player himself added, "Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Outside of the USA, many soccer fans haven't seen a fantasy sports game like the one we've launched. The sky is the limit here."
Pay-to-play fantasy leagues are available at, and free games, while subject to certain terms and conditions, are open to anyone worldwide.
"It makes watching the game 100% better," Wirtz added. "I can't watch without playing fantasy soccer now, it's too much fun. I know that anyone who plays on FantasyGol is going to love it."

Star Fantasy Leagues CEO Seth Young provided with his bold prediction heading into 2015 as to where the daily fantasy sports market would ultimately be heading.

"I think you’re going to see a much bigger market for fantasy sports than you see today, as these games expand globally, and see a market that’s much larger domestically than it is today, as daily and weekly games gain awareness."

He added: "As for us (at Star Fantasy Leagues), we’ll be here doing what we do best--continuing to create the best fantasy sports experience in the world."
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