Priceline Founder Sues Zynga Over Patent Infringement

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
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The founder of Priceline, Walker Digital, is claiming patent infringement against Zynga, the popular Facebook online poker application.  Walker Digital itself owns more than 500 patents, some of which are related to casinos and online gambling.

The Walker Digital suit stipulates that Zynga and another company are illegally using technology related to online gaming tournaments.  

The patent is a "Database driven online distributed tournament system”, which is described as "a product and method of distributed electronic tournaments for a plurality of players that exchanges information with a central controller to influence game play while a player plays in the tournament and stores player information to influence game play in a subsequent tournament."

Neither Zynga’s popular Farmville or poker platform are targets of the suit.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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