Popular Bookie Joint Time Out Tavern Catches Fire

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With many Costa Rican bookies and employees planning to head to the popular Time Out Tavern Bar for the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight Saturday night, an afternoon fire spoiled plans as the establishment was forced to shut down.  But the good news is that the Time Out Tavern, based in Escazu, is expected to be back up and running soon following a kitchen fire.  Nobody was hurt in the blaze.

From TheRx.com Bookie Forum:

"Just came from TOT awhile ago and everyone is doing fine. It looks like most of the damage happened where the kitchen met the bar area. Those of you that are familiar know where the cooler was between the two, that is where the fire came through from the back where the gas tank exploded. the tv that was hanging up there disintegrated along with the shelf that held all of the direct tv and satelite boxes. also part of the large furniture that held the bottles of boose was also burnt. the actually bar and dining area appear to be just fine. shouldn't be long before the place is back up and running. there were many friends of the Time Out family there tonight ready to lend a helping hand so it shouldn't take long to get the place back open."

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