Police Conference on Outlaw Bikers at Casino Attended by Outlaw Bikers

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Alistair Prescott
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"Yesterday the Hells Angel's met up with some law enforcements top brass at Darwin SkyCity Hotel and Casino in the most unusual of circumstances. I can't help wondering whether they stopped in to sink a few cold ones to watch Network Nine's finally Underbelly screening of the season," says Greg Tingle of MediaMan.com.au"  

Over 2 million Aussie's enjoyed the explosive finale.  

"Legal has it that a couple of Australian bikie gangs once re enacted a bike massacre that was in the classic cult film by Gary Young 'Cosy Cool'," says Tingle.  "Sydney based producer of 'Brothers At War' Richard Bradley, has been closely monitoring the situation.  It sounds like more episodes of 'Underbelly' are being written at the speed of news.  The thin blue line relationship continues between Aussie bikers and legal top brass the world over."

Actually the bar event was a police conference about outlaw biker issues, but nobody expected the Hells Angels to actually attend.  That's exactly what happened according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Within hours of the senior police and their entourages arriving at Darwin's hotel and casino complex, SkyCity, Northern Territory police security realised the commissioners were sharing a hotel floor with two Hells Angels.

The Hells Angels had not arrived to cause problems, but for "rest, relaxation and a party", a bikie source said.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"NT police security assessed the situation and gave the two members the option to change their rooms," a NT police spokeswoman confirmed. "The two members declined and chose to take accommodation elsewhere."

In one of the more humorous moments, the two Hells Angels arrived to get on a commercial fishing boat the day after the conference ended only to find six police commissioners also planning a spot of fishing.

"The members were interrogated by police as to what they were doing there - you know, assassination plot or fishing plan," the bikie source said.

However, he said the federal police commissioner, Mick Keelty, "went into a hyper state" after running into two Hells Angels in the foyer of SkyCity.

A spokesman for Mr Keelty said there was no "incident or interaction whatsoever with the commissioner and any bikies or bikie associates".

"We do not support any of your source's views aside from the fact that the commissioner was in attendance at the conference," he said.

"To report on anything other than this would not be factual and something we would take a very dim view of.''

Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com 

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