PokerStars Will Not Be Affected By PartyGaming Settlements

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C Costigan
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PokerStars lawyers told a local newspaper that it is "business as usual" for the world's largest online poker room.

Anurag Dikshit, the former director of Gibraltar-based PartyGaming, pled guilty last week to violating an obscure Wire Act that was originally directed at illegal sports betting back in the early 1960's.

Paul Telford, head of legal services at Poker Stars, which is based out of the Isle of Man, told the Examiner Newspaper: 'As far as we are concerned it's biggest as usual.

'It doesn't affect the company. This doesn't change the law, no precedents have been set.

'But it will give us food for thought as to the bigger impact. The situation is very fluid so there is little point in commenting further.'

Poker Stars has double the number of customers than its nearest competitor, Full Tilt Poker.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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