Poker Player Johnny Chan All-In Endorsing Sexual Stamina Drink

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Jenny Woo
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All-In Energy Drink

Just prior to Sunday night's World Series of Poker dinner break, poker pro Johnny Chan approached the mike to plug to promote his new energy drink, which among other things will help improve one's sexual stamina.

He announces a multi-year sponsorship deal for All-In Energy Drink as the official energy drink of the World Series of Poker. This is a Johnny Chan endeavor, and TD Jack Effel called Phil Hellmuth to the stage to introduce Chan.

"That's ok, you guys can boo," said Hellmuth as he mounted the stage. The gallery complied, to Hellmuth's delight. After a few kind words about Chan, Hellmuth called him to the stage. "Who's gonna win, Johnny?" asked Hellmuth. "I don't care who's going to win," replied Chan. "I just care who's going to drink the most All-In Energy Drink." "That was a pretty shameless plug, Johnny." Maybe so, but Chan didn't seem to care.

"Infuse your game with this perfect pick-me-up formula," All-In Energy Drink proudly proclaims.  "Like your morning OJ, only better."

One of the main ingredients of All-In Energy Drink is Schisandra, which tones the sexual organs of both men and women. It increases the production of sexual fluids, improves male sexual stamina, and treats premature ejaculation and low sex drive.

Chan has several children.

Jenny Woo, Senior Correspondent

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