Poker Babe Christina Lindley on 2009 WSOP and Jewelry

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Jenny Woo
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I had the chance to sit down again with a girlfriend of mine - Christina Lindley.  We sat down last year for our first interview and have stayed in contact since then.  The last time I was able to hang out with this awesome and talented woman was when we were having cocktails and lunch on Lincoln Road during her layover in Miami.  Since then, her schedule has been a busy one which included her first WSOP, where she ended up going pretty deep.    

JENNY:  You recently played at the first WSOP Dream Team Poker event.  It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.  What was the name of your team?  And tell our readers about that experience.

CHRISTINA:  The name of our team was called Six Hands, Four Nutz, and a Rack On Tilt. (Haha)  It was me, Jerry Yang and Eric Aude.  It was really fun.

JENNY:  How was your overall experience at this year's WSOP?  And what events did you play?

 CHRISTINA:  It was really well. I had a great time this summer doing on camera interviews and wrap ups for the WSOP.com's website and ESPN. I also played in some tournaments. I played the ladies event first - and bubbled that - and I played 5 of the $1,500s.  I kind of didn't so well in those - I ran pretty bad as far as luck. Would run into several bad beats in the 1500s. In the main event, I was really happy to make it to day 3.  I think I busted around 1400 and there were about 6498 people that entered the main.  So I was really disappointed because - obviously - I didn't make the money.  But I was really happy that after only one year of playing poker I lasted till day 3 in the Main Event.  Disappointed but inspired to do better and learn more.

 JENNY:  Hey there's always next year - right?

CHRISTINA:  Yeah and I got to meet a lot of really good online players.  They're coaching me and doing really good with that.  (Haha)

JENNY:  You mentioned online.  Have you been playing in any cash games since WSOP has ended?  Or are you playing mainly online?

CHRISTINA:  I've been playing some live cash games and doing pretty well at that.  I was playing cash games all throughout the World Series and made a pretty solid run at them.  I definitely think that they're more my speed because of being a tight aggressive player. You can sit back and wait to get a hand and blinds don't increase like a tournament.  It seems to be a great way to build a tournament bank roll.

 JENNY: Are you back in L.A?

CHRISTINA:  I got back to LA this week.

JENNY:  What are you doing now?  What's been going on since we last talked?  And what's next for you?

CHRISTINA:  I've been working with this jewelry company.  We shot a big ad campaign.  I had a layout come out in Maxim in the UK and there's one coming out in Maxim US.  Las Vegas Magazine is also running a pictorial that I actually shot yesterday.  I've been doing a lot of radio and television interviews about the jewelry company and about the World Series.  The ad campaign that was shot should be coming out in the next few months and I'm going to have an ongoing deal with Dirty Pretty Things (DPTJewelry.com) doing commercials and appearances.  I'm actually moving in with one my really good girlfriends who's a Playmate - so that should be fun.  I'm then going to be concentrating on acting and modeling stuff and working with the jewelry company and still try to play online and then I'm doing Legends (Bicycle Casino Legends of Poker Tournament) in August.  I have a lot on my plate.  (Haha)

JENNY:  So that relationship is going really well?

CHRISTINA:  Yes.  It's going really great.  We're really happy with the turnout as far as the PR that they got out of the deal.  They also like the whole poker scene.  Each line that they come out with is a different name and then they come up with a character.  They're going to do some poker pieces in their next line - something like a poker chip necklace and maybe a charm bracelet with different gambling related charms; stuff like that inspired by our union.  So that'll be pretty cool.

JENNY:  Do you have any other photo shoots coming up besides the jewelry company?  Or any castings?

CHRISTINA:   Yeah.  I'm doing the shoot for Maxim US sometime next month - I think.  It might be as late as the end of August or early September.  So I have that coming up.  Then I have another shoot for a casino that I'm working with in Belize that's in the early stages.  But I'm going to be doing a calendar for them and an ad campaign.  But that's in September. Oh and watch for my episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that will be airing this fall in the new season.

JENNY:  It sounds like you do have a lot on your plate - so good luck with everything.  And thank you for sitting down with me again.

CHRISTINA:  Thank you.

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