Poker Author David Slansky’s Home Robbed

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Respected poker author and theorist David Sklansky's home took a bad beat as it was burglarized last night. Hopefully nothing with too much +EV was snatched. As well as a top authority on blackjack and betting, the bearded maestro's Theory of Poker book is considered the holy grail of poker literature. Having compiled over 12 books, which he promotes on the twoplustwo forums, Sklansky's appearances on the poker tournament circuit are now few and far between.

There's been an ugly spate of robberies in the Valley, with David the latest victim. In an interview with KVBC news group in Vegas, Sklansky managed to sneak in a little promotion of the twoplustwo forum he admins. When quizzed on the traumatic experience, he explained how it's vital to remain calm and collected, and follow the same intuition you do on the green felt. Sklansky added, ‘The advice is the same as in a poker game; you try and figure out what the other guy is thinking and then act accordingly'. That's all very well, but how would you act Under The Gun?

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