Pitbull Poker, Action Poker: The Writing Was On The Wall

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The sudden demise of Pitbull Poker and the inability of publicly traded Action Poker to get its act together drives home the point that online poker is no safer than online sports betting.

The later has stabilized for the most part after initial years of fly-by-night operations and sudden closures. 

The online poker community is only now beginning to feel the pain.

In recent months, a handful of rooms have closed their doors.  This week we learned of the sudden shutdown of the questionable operation, Pitbull Poker. 

Action Poker has bid farewell to much of its talented management in recent months while that online poker network averaged a mere 69 real cash players in the past week according to PokerSiteScout.com - dead last.  

Action Poker is run by Ben Johansen out of Norway. Playsafe Holding AS (OTC) is the parent company.

Action Poker is still in business and, last we heard, appear to be venturing into the online casino sector.  Perhaps they will enjoy more success in that realm. 

Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com 

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