Phil Hellmuth Downward Spiral Has Nearly 14,000 Followers

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C Costigan
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Phil Hellmuth

World Series of Poker bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth is having a rough time of it at this year's WSOP - at least by his standards.  Hellmuth has won a mere $13,000, coming in 29th during Event #11.

Twitter has made it easy for Gambling911.com readers to get into Phil Hellmuth's psyche.  The UltimateBet.com spokesperson has come down on himself like nothing we have ever witnessed prior.

Just this weekend, we learned how Hellmuth was apparently booted from a Harrah's suite. 

By Tuesday, we found Mr. Hellmuth fighting off his inner demons.

"Seems like I am getting really unlucky!! It takes a lot to keep on working out, to avoid a single drink, to meditate, and to stay positive."

One day earlier, Hellmuth had this to offer:

"Whats wrong with me? Still haven't moved! 1 hour now!! I need to get up, Man Up, we all fall down!"

Gambling911.com's own Payton O'Brien had this to say after reading Phil Hellmuth's Twitter page (now a daily ritual):  "It's like watching a train wreck.  Worst than reading Gambling911.com.  Phil makes you want to reach into your computer and shake him and ask ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  DUST YOURSELF OFF AND TRY AGAIN!"

As this goes to press, Hellmuth offered up an optimistic Tweet on his Twitter page: "Ladies and gentlemen Mr Phil Hellmuth is heating up!!"

Then again, does this mean he's playing well at the tables once again....or could it mean he's about ready to throw a chair at someone?

Dr. Keith Ablow explains the dangers of Twitter addiction and why Phil Hellmuth - the self-proclaimed "Poker Brat" - could become an easy victim of this new social networking tool:

"There's something troubling about Twitter psychologically, though.  You could say the same for Facebook or MySpace and YouTube, but Twitter is potentially bigger trouble than any of the others.  That's because it can turn people into instant, mini-reality show versions of themselves - into entertainers, removed a little bit or a whole lot from their real feelings, genuine thoughts and true connections to others.

"See, sending out tweets to "followers" isn't a lot different than reporting your life as though you're your own member of the paparazzi.  It presumes that people care what you're up to, which may not be entirely true and can be the growing place for narcissism.  Narcissism, by the way, is unreasonable self-love, and it's reaching epidemic proportions in this country.  Young people think the world of themselves, even as their performance academically and in many other arenas declines.

"Reporting on your own life story can also make you tend toward the dramatic in your daily existence.  After all, who wants to send out boring tweets?  You need to be reporting on adventure, romance, and, above all, conflict.  As any decent screenwriter will tell you, people tune out if there's no conflict.  But when did we decide that being a human being, even an interesting human being, meant being ‘watchable' enough for people to ‘tune into' your broadcasts? "

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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