Is Phil Hellmuth Cursed?

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He has more World Series of Poker bracelets than any of his peers, but these days Phil Hellmuth is lucky if he can get his hands on a Cubic Zirconia ring....though he might be better off with a Crucifix.  His bad string of luck lately begs the question:  Is Phil Hellmuth cursed?

Gambling911.com conducted intensive research to find out if indeed Hellmuth has had a curse placed upon him.  Evidence suggests "Yes".

It turns out Hellmuth's Hellish June is actually a carry over from a very grey May.

Here is a Twitter from May 22:

"Played in a golf tournament today at Moffet Field, team shot 10 under, but I was horrible!!"

And another from May 16:

"I lost! I played 6.5 hours...played really well...Last hand all in with 9-9 vs 6-6...10-5-3-A, last card 6! 50 perc of chips in pot."

Hellmth's bad luck began shortly after partaking in some grub at the VIP ‘Al Capone' room at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  This is where Al Capone played poker. 

The Seelbach Hotel has attracted the rich and famous like Phil Hellmuth for over 100 years.  It is also haunted!

Back in 1907, a young bride eagerly awaited her new husband in The Seelbach's ballroom for their wedding reception. On his way to the wedding, he was tragically killed in an accident. Heartbroken, the young bride ran off and threw herself down an elevator shaft. The wedding party found her body, clad in a blue dress, 10 stories below.


Since the incident, some guests have reported seeing her in the middle of the night ... sometimes spraying her mysterious perfume on those staying at the Seelback.

Likewise, apparitions on the tenth floor are not unusual.  It is not known whether Hellmuth stayed in the hotel or on what floor. 

Then there is the poker room, quite possibly the source of the Phil Hellmuth curse.

"The poker room had the distinction of being where Al Capone came to play poker," Larry Johnson, who is now the lobby concierge at Louisville's Seelbach Hotel, told Louisville's WAVE 3 "He probably would have stopped here on his way back to Chicago from being in eastern Kentucky, where he picked up his moonshine."

It was the era of Prohibition and Al Capone played it safe at the hotel, always facing a mirror in the poker room to keep an eye on his competition ... and on his back.

And Johnson says there were "lookouts" throughout the hotel. "Whenever the police came into the lobby, somebody would step on the button and the doors going into the poker room would automatically close and he would know to get out."


And secret passageways -- now sealed up -- allowed just that. "One of the doors went out and down to the street, and the other door went downstairs to the tunnels underneath the hotel."

"They would go down into the tunnels and he could go anywhere from a block to a mile away form the hotel without being seen."

Could Phil Hellmuth's gigantic ego have somehow been channeled by Al Capone while at this grand poker room?  Could Capone's negative energy have been transferred to Hellmuth?  Could the Ghost in the Blue Dress have sprayed Hellmuth with some of her supernatural perfume?

While we may not know all the answers, we do know that Phil Hellmuth's streak of bad luck continues.  Soon he might need an Exorcist. 

"I am out! Do not know how I can get so unlucky day after day! but i need to keep trying my hardest every day."

"Yesterday was a tough day! Even Lost my Ipod!! BUT today is a new day! I want to play great and see what happens!!"

"After getting brutalized in tournament i lost 101 points in Chinese poker at 500 a point!! rough day..."

"Did not win one pot for last 50 hands!! Anteed all the way down to all in in big blind!"

"Tony G over here rubbing salt in my wound. Brutal enough to have the deck screw me, but Tony way out of line..."

"Seems like i am getting really unlucky!! It takes a lot to keep on working out, to avoid a single drink, to meditate, and to stay positive."

Phil Hellmuth is a spokesperson for www.ultimatebet.com

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