Blames Affiliate for Scam

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C Costigan
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Aug/21/2013 Blames Affiliate for Scam has released a statement in response to the report featured on the website citing a scam being perpetrated by someone with ties to that pay per head company. expressed “outrage” over these news reports while failing to apologize for the actions of this affiliate, for whom they claim to have shut him down and seized his account.,, and each were used to perpetrate the scheme whereby the offender used emails with domains belonging to the later two websites in an effort to steal away customers from both and

The statement from reads in part:

The management team from is outraged over recent accusations made by the popular online gaming news outlet gambling911. The website claims that is a new company that is attempting to steal skins. The site goes on to say that is direct marketing to emails of other popular forums. is not a new company. The domain itself was purchased in 2011. Our operations date back much further, to as early as 1999 here in Costa Rica.

A rep for tells, "the sports betting and pay per head community in Costa Rica is small and everyone knows everyone else but nobody knows anything about these guys ("

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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