Past Threats Against Murdered Poker Portal Founder’s Life

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Poker bloggers have claimed that there were threats against PokerListings.com founder Andreas Oscarsson's life prior to his shock murder in Sweden last week, according to a New York Post report.  Oscarsson was visiting his native Sweden at the time.  He resided in the SoHo section of Manhattan.

Being a gambling mogul in the internet age is apparently just as dangerous as it was in the mob-infested Casino age, Hamilton Nolan of Gawker writes

The 36 year-old founder of the online poker portal may also have been the target of a hit.  Police have ruled out suicide.  Investigators believe his killer or killers entered the home through an open window and shot Oscarsson in the head.

TwoPlusTwo.com member Loctus, who lives in Sweden, commented, "Police [have] been talking on the radio about it saying that it's quite probably [something] from his past that has caught up to him in this unfortunate way."

Stockholm's homicide rate is on par with most capitals, with around 3 annual homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, although the numbers are hard to compare due to large fluctuations between years.

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