Online Poker Rooms: Cereus Becomes 5th Biggest

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Cereus Poker

In just a one month period, the Cereus Poker Network (comprised of UltimateBet.com and Absolute Poker) has become the 5th largest online poker room on the planet, having jumped two places from #7 and Gambling911.com is being credited for this epic climax.

"It is indeed a testament to Gambling911.com and the website's extensive coverage of Celebrity Apprentice's Annie Duke mighty presence on that show that this most divine miracle of all miracles could occur during such tough economic times," said Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com's Senior International Correspondent.  "I commend Gambling911.com and its brilliant marketing skills for introducing a crop of fresh blood to this fine online poker room."

Just three months ago, the Cereus Network had barely cracked the top 10.

Resident Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, agreed with Ms. Woo as did everyone else on the Gambling911.com staff. 

Sparky, who arrived in America via an inner tube on a 90 mile voyage escaping Cuba fending off sharks, drew comparison's between Cereus' meteoric rise to that of the Budding of Aaron's Rod in the Bible.

"The next day, when Moses went into the Tent, he saw that Aaron's stick, representing the tribe of Levi, had sprouted.  It had budded, blossomed, and produced ripe almonds!"

The most riveting move by Cereus Poker:  Bypassing long time number 5 behemoth, Everest Poker.

Cereus averaged a mere 100 real cash players more than that of Everest at press time Wednesday.

Gambling911.com's Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien had this to say:  "While we initially believed Cereus had a good shot of passing by Everest, none of us expected this to happen so soon, certainly not before month's end."

Perhaps a bigger shock is the OnGame Poker Network's rapid decline.

"They have fallen to the number 10 position in less than a month after being at number 6," said O'Brien.

OnGame Poker is utilized by bwin, Coral, Eurobet and Interwetten among others.

All traffic numbers are available at www.pokersitescout.com.

Gambling911.com Staff 

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