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Pitbull Poker

An article appearing on the Gambling911.com website this week involving Pitbull Poker and allegations that the online poker room is somehow using a "super user" account to manipulate play, has evoked passionate discussion in our comments section

Our friends at AintLuck.com reported on the controversy that erupted over at the Two Plus Two posting forums.

The background of Pitbull Poker is founded by some questionable individuals, Aintluck.com suggests.  Now, Pitbull has been accused of several questionable practices which include:

The aforementioned suspicion of the presence of superusers.
 Players requests for Pitbull hand histories have been repeatedly refused.
 As of July 24, 2009, players can no longer access any hand histories online.
 Dimensus Ltd the parent company of pitbull poker was dissolved March 10, 2009, leaving no apparent owner.
 Dimensus has never held a gaming license, but claims to be located in Costa Rica where one is not necessary. Pitbull has presented itself as a UK company making this an illegal gambling business. The UK gaming commission has already been informed.

In responding to the initial posts, other posters have come forward with tales of being seated at tables with players of the same name and questionable plays being made.

Pitbull Poker was fast to respond to the article that was published on Gambling911.com this week:



I am a representative for Pitbull and I assure you that there are no Super User accounts. The rumors on 2+2 have gotten out of hand with everyone looking for the next great story. We have been in contact with the original poster of the thread on 2+2 and will be supplying all info he requests pertaining to his account. The original poster and pitbull are currently on good terms and working together to put this issue to rest. We are a flash poker site and we do not have an installed client that saves your hand history to your computer. However, you can look up any hand at anytime on the website within the past 3 months. We have no problem supplying hand histories for an individual hand. Until now, we had no use to generate a printable report with more than 1 FULL hand history a time. Our security team uses the same hand history system that is available to all players to look up hands, except they can search by any player. We are currently creating a report that will generate a complete hand history for multiple hands. In the next 2-3 weeks, every player will be able to download your full hand history within the past 3 months. Until then, you can still search by hand number or by date range and lookup a hand individually. To answer the question about the hand history being offline... Due to this story, the server that runs the hand history reports kept crashing from the large constant loads. We have since upgraded the hardware that runs the online hand history report. I challenge any player to look up a hand that they played and say anything was changed. It's unfortunate that some people are assumming that we are guilty without any concrete evidence. Not even 1 previous hand has been disputed! We will do whatever it takes to prove our innocence.... I challenge you to come see for yourself."


One reader had this observation to offer:


"hand histories destroyed(?)

All of the cheating allegations were before july 10th. All the hand history requests were for hands before july 10th. After the allegations turned up on the 2+2 forums, all the hand historys prior to july 10th were taken off line for 2-3 days. No one had access to them. Why? Pitbull wont say why. They have now magically reappeared. But have they been altered with? Who knows. But why were they taken off in the first place. 6 months ago, one of the players(who felt he was cheated) requested some hand historys , he was told no problem. 1 month later, he emailed them again and was told it is on its way. This went on for 6 months and he has now been informed that its way to much work for them to do all this. When others recently requested hand historys and even today they still are asking the Pitbull representative to show the hand historys his reply is they have more bigger concerns then this one lol Even 6 months ago, a poster on 2+2 started a thread claiming he was a former employee of pitbull poker. He claimed they ran a sweatshop out of a home in Costa rica with a bunch of kids working for $3. Using a SUPER USER ACCOUNT OR ACCOUNTS. He was banned for making allegations without any info to back up his claim. Now with the latest accusations of possible super using at Pitbull and Pitbull not sending hand requests as per requests, and with them taking all hand historys offline for a few days, its possible that the super user sweatshop may not be fiction but reality after-all. Sure no proof has been delivered , but almost everyone associated with that site has a shady background which everyone has proved on the 2+2 forums. Gamble there at your own risks."


We can say this is a story that probably won't go away any time soon as it is captivating the readers of Gambling911.com.  So stay tuned.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor        

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