Online Poker: Matt Adz124 Marafioti Making Waves

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Ace King
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Matt Adz124 Marafoti

He's a consistent winner of high-stakes online poker games who has won $650k in online tournaments and millions in cash games.  His name is Matt ‘Adz124' Marafioti, a Canadian poker player often found honing his skills at PokerStars.com.

From CrunchPoker.com:

"He adopts a much tighter style than (Tom) Dwan, and is machine like in his 12-tabling of the highest stakes on PokerStars. He was spotted 9-tabling $50/100 heads-up a matter of days ago, with twoplustwo members in awe of his concentration levels. There seem to be some pretty heavy theories as to how he manages this."

Marafioti is considered by many to be a "polarizing" figure in the world of online poker.

From FlopTurnRiver.com:

"(He) is never afraid of telling his opponents what he thinks of them. While most let their play do the talking, Marafioti's play, and his words, show his opponent whose best. Over the past years ADZ124 has been crushing high-stakes on PokerStars, playing all the way up to $200/$400 NL."

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