Online Gambling Web Chat Files: ‘A Phone Call From God Won’t Save You’

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Online Gambling Web Chat Files: ‘A Phone Call From God Won’t Save You’

Social gaming, this is not.  Angry customers have taken to the posting forums to cut and paste online chats with reps from various online gambling sites.  Some of the best cut and pasted chats are courtesy of customer as the owner of that long-established company loves to “engage” with his clientele on occasion. 

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5Dimes is a pretty solid operation for the record.  We couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of the below chat that – we must preface – is out of context.  We will soon gain a better understanding of the vitriol exhibited by 5Dimes Management.  At 5Dimes, the customer is not always right… and this probably does hold true here as just about every casino employee will likely agree. 

This was posted a la the SBR Forum(Warning:  Some of the below language may not be suitable for small children under the age of 17):

You are now chatting with 'Betty'
Betty: Welcome to our online Customer Service! How may I assist you today?
5d1790594: Hi i would like to have my account reopened. It was closed by an unruly supervisor who thought i was out of line.
5d1790594: i apologized for my remarks and am truly sorry
5d1790594: please speak with a different supervisor and have my account reopened
Betty: if you insulted someone, you need to talk to Tony
5d1790594: sure
5d1790594: please transfer
Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Tony'.
You are not currently in a chat session.
You are now chatting with 'Tony'
5d1790594: thank you
Tony: i'm the owner here moron
Tony: you're gone
Tony: even a phone call to god won't save you
5d1790594: then how am i supposed to get money if i can access my account?
5d1790594: once i get my money you can close the account
Tony: we send you a ** for your balance
5d1790594: so how do i access it if i cant sign in?
Tony: you check back in 24-48 hours, and there will be a control number
Tony: you'll never access it again
Tony: its gone
Tony: and so are you
5d1790594: ok you made that clear
Tony: good, then get the penetrate off my chat
5d1790594: how do i access the control number?
Tony: [14:26:10] Tony: you check back in 24-48 hours, and there will be a control number
Tony: can you not read?
5d1790594: yeah i can, dont understand how im supposed to access the site if i no longer have access to it
Tony: you found your way to chat without an account
Tony: you think you can remember the name of the website for 24-48 hours?
Tony: or are you too stupid
5d1790594: thats all you had to say
Tony: maybe write it backwards on your forhead
Tony: then look in the mirror
5d1790594: its a shame you get off on this power trip, i actually like your betting site
5d1790594: just didnt think your withdrawl policy was clear about getting a free withdrawl only on certain day only at a certain time
Tony: i don't care
Tony: you are no longer a client here
5d1790594: but hey its your site and you make the rules and as long as i get my money i will take my action elsewhere
5d1790594: so long bud
Tony: spectacular
5d1790594: so whats stopping me from opening up under a different name?
5d1790594: different card
5d1790594: Description:
Tony: if i catch you, i keep the money
Tony: so test me on it
5d1790594: ewwwwwwwwwww
5d1790594: lol
5d1790594: im sure the readers from the sports book review would love to read this chat
5d1790594: tell you what, i will post, send you copy, and you can read the responses for yourself
5d1790594: deal?
Tony: i'm sure they would
Tony: be sure to post what you said to my staff
Tony: as i'm sure they'll enjoy what a man you are
Tony: as wherever you post
Tony: that will be added should you choose to leave it out
Tony: big man, go make your post now



What the customer didn’t post was the initial online chat that led up to this response from “Tony”…..and it is a doozy.


5D1790594: hope all your loved ones die of cancer
5D1790594: a long drawn out death
5D1790594: then i hope you get stuck with all the hospital bills and they tell you that payments can only be made every 30 days on tuesdays
5D1790594: nothing to say huh
5D1790594: c u n t
Gaby: Your account is closed
5D1790594: meaning?
Gaby: We will not be taking this kind of language or behavior from you
Gaby: and you will have to talk to the General Manager in order to have it reopened
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Tony'.
info: You are now chatting with 'Tony'
Tony: what the hell is your problem?
5D1790594: your withdrawl policy is horshit
5D1790594: very misleading
5D1790594: your customer service is super slow
5D1790594: wasting my time
5D1790594: i am sorry for being offensive to your inept employee
5D1790594: please reopen my account
Tony: no
Tony: account remains closed
Tony: forever
Tony: i don't tolerate trash like you


Most of the SBR Forum posters did come to’s defense.

One summed it up:

Yeah, you deserved to get banned. Telling a customer service person, who is just doing her job, that she is a c.u.n.t. and you hope their loved ones die of cancer is a very stupid thing to say...especially to the people who are holding all your money. Try calling a local a oyster, you might just get f.u.c.k.e.d. up for it. Use your head.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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