Online Gambling News: Web Gambling Odds in Iowa Long but not out

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Backers of a measure to legalize Internet gambling in the state of Iowa haven’t quite given up hope after the proposal failed to move through the legislature several days ago.

"My understanding is that it's real close, but that there aren't enough votes at this time until certain things get addressed," said Sen. Bill Dotzler, D-Waterloo in an interview with the Sioux City Journal.  He is managing the measure in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. "People's concerns are legitimate and we need time to address them. Right now I would say the odds are probably not for this year."

The good news for those in support of the bill is that no deadline has been imposed on getting it through the state House or Senate.   Lawmakers learned Tuesday that Senate File 458 is so-called "funnel-proof".

Iowa is racing to be the first state to legalize online gambling independent of federal law.

26 more Senate votes are needed to get the legislation passed and the opposition remains steadfast.

"I'm adamantly opposed to Internet gambling and I really don't want any part of that. If any part of Internet gambling is in the bill, I will not be voting to move it out of committee," said Randy Feenstra, R-Hull, a Senate Ways and Means Committee member. "I've done the research on Internet gambling and it's not pretty. There's a reason why no state in the nation has taken it upon themselves to do this. It's got the highest addiction rate of anything."


- Gilbert Horowitz,


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