Online Gambling Industry in Costa Rica Goes Green

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:

The online gambling Mecca of San Jose, Costa Rica, is about to go green thanks to one soul known as "Search Engine Bob".

The vast majority of online gambling businesses operating out of Costa Rica are sportsbooks, which go through computers like some of us go through pairs of underwear.

And that brings us to Search Engine Bob, who explains the new concept:

"I've started a new company, which offers a computer disposal services. Basically, we will visit any sportsbook located throughout the city of San Jose, which has old computer scrap. For example, entire computers, monitors and printers, as well as disassembled computer components such as motherboards, cables, CPU, cables and other related electronic scrap recyclables.

"The scrap is picked-up and weighed at the collection site/sportsbook office. We will actually pay for the material. $100 per ton, which is equivilant to 10 cents per kilo.

"The material which we collect is exported to companies with facilities that manage e-waste in a way that protects workers and the environment. We are completely against recycling operations that pose a significant risk to human health and the environment.

"With the above said, this is a new way for online gambling operations to jump on the Green bandwagon. If requested, we can even send a digital eco-friendly seal which includes the sportsbook name and URL."

For more information, please call Bob at 83-17-52-49 (local Costa Rica number).

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