Ohio Gamblers: Big Brother is Watching You

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Ohio Gamblers:  Big Brother is Watching You

CINCINNATI (Associated Press) — A provision in the Ohio Senate’s budget proposal would let the state collect and save camera images of each casino customer who redeems earnings for cash.

Republican lawmaker Sen. Bill Coley sponsored the amendment. He tells The Cincinnati Enquirer (http://cin.ci/14rOfEX ) it’s intended to help law enforcement crack down on money laundering and people who use gambling to conceal sources of money acquired illegally. In such cases, people might exchange that money for chips and then redeem them as alleged casino winnings.

Ohio’s four voter-approved casinos have hundreds of cameras for security and monitoring gambling operations. Coley, of Butler County’s Liberty Township, says the measure wouldn’t require extra surveillance.

He says the provision also would apply to facilities with slots-like video lottery terminals and to sweepstakes parlors known as Internet cafes.

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