Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Book to Begin Accepting US Dollars

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Aaron Goldstein
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Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Book to Begin Accepting US Dollars

Nitrogen Sports is beginning to distinguish itself from one of those many fly-by-night “Bitcoin-only” books that have come and gone with the drop of a….well, the drop of the anonymous digital currency’s price.  A great number of these so-called sportsbooks existed only to take advantage of the dramatic swings in Bitcoin's price, benefitting from upward mobility.  Those days appear to be over.

The instability has many a sports bettor and online gambler fearful of patronizing Bitcoin-focused gaming sites though Americas Cardroom, a traditional Web gambling venture that began fully implementing Bitcoin onto its platform this month, claims the currency accounts for nearly 10 percent of its player base.

Sportsbook Review recently spoke to a representative from Nitrogen Sports about Bitcoin hitting a low of $280 this week after the currency was dealt a serious of security blows last year.  Until now, Nitrogen has dealt with Bitcoin exlusively.
"One of the best ways to grow the adoption rate for bitcoin is to remove barriers to entry, and concerns about volatility is obviously a large one,” the rep told SBR. “For this reason, we are definitely considering offering the option for players to keep their balances in USD. We have big plans for Nitrogen Sports this year, and this is just one feature for our community to look forward to!"

The site just introduced online blackjack to compliment its sports wagering platform.  It is widely considered the largest and most stable of the "Bitcoin-only" books.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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