New York State Becomes Biggest Sports Betting Market in U.S...By a Mile

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Almost $16B in total handle, that's how much New York State reported its first full year of offering mobile sports betting.  And that's a record in the nation for any given month and makes the Empire State the largest market in the sector.  In reality, that status became cemented within a month of operating.

New York had launched mobile sports gambling on January 8, 2022.  Only retail sportsbooks operated the years prior since the U.S. Supreme Court abolished decades of prohibition back in May of 2018. 

Gross gaming revenue surpassed $1.3 billion.  And with a tax of 51%, among the highest in the nation, it is likely that some $680 million in tax revenue went to the state coffers.

New York is the 4th most populated U.S. state and the largest offering legalized sports wagering.


Aloha Sports Betting?

Hawaii lawmakers have proposed a bill to make sports betting and poker legal on Oahu.

State Rep. John Mizuno is working to create a standalone sportsbook and card room, making it the first legal betting room in Hawaii.

There are currently over 7,200 illegal gaming rooms that can attract things such as drugs and prostitution. Mizuno says this will help eliminate those and create a legal and safe avenue for people to gamble.

"Being practical and knowing that these things are taking place on our streets every day. To make like we are introducing something new is false. We are taking an industry that is being unregulated and putting it into regulation and benefiting our communities at the same time," said Rep. Daniel Holt, D – Sand Island.

While betting on the Rainbow Warriors college football team could be permitted should Hawaii not include a stipulation preventing wagers on in-state schools, don't expect bets to be taken on Hawaii's most successful sport: Little League.

Hawaii's Honolulu Little League topped Çuracao 13-3 to become the 2022 Little League Baseball World Series Champions!

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