Motorcycle Shooting of Sportsbook Operator Outside CR Bakery Was Failed Hit

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C Costigan
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Motorcycle Shooting of Sportsbook Operator Outside CR Bakery Was Failed Hit

A man shot four times outside an Escazu, Costa Rica bakery last month was the target of a failed hit, can now confirm. 

Sources close to G911 tell us that a sportsbook operator from California by the name of Jason was the target of this hit though the incident does not appear to have any ties to a bookmaking/Pay Per Head businesses had ties to. 

“Jason had ties to two individuals supposedly running a charity scam of some kind that targeted elderly people lving in the U.S.,” our source tells it. 

It was not immediately clear what role, if any, Jason had in the scheme or if he was simply an associate of those involved. 

Others tell Jason had absolutely nothing to do with the scheme in question and may have been wrongly implicated.

"He is truly one of the good guys in the industry," insists someone familiar with the shooting victim.

The 42-year-old U.S. businessman was shot four times outside a restaurant near Paco Commercial Center in San Rafael de Escazú Wednesday morning.  The town, popular with expatriates from the U.S. and Canada, is typically considered a low crime area.  This shooting prompted the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica to send out a letter warning of safety concerns within the otherwise peaceful Central American nation.

Jason was expected to make a full recovery.  Both assailants have since been captured.  One of those tied to the charity scam has reportedly been jailed though cannot independently confirm this.

“It would be wrong to suggest that this incident had anything to do with bookmakers tied to organized crime,” our source states.  “Yes, Jason was involved in the sportsbook industry but he appears to have been involved in much, much more."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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