Most Bank Accounts Froze in Online Poker Crackdown Belong to Full Tilt Poker, Founder

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The restraining order for bank accounts belonging to those indicted in last week’s massive online poker crackdown are now published and reveal Full Tilt Poker and its founder, Raymond Bitar, have taken the brunt of this action. 

PokerStars accounts included just four for the company itself.

Absolute Poker/ had 5 accounts under investigation.

Full Tilt accounts included 11.

Raymond Bitar, Full Tilt Poker, listed under “Company Principal Accounts” had 23.

The poker processors themselves had a total of 34 accounts that are under investigation. 

There did not appear to be any “principal” accounts related to those individuals associated with either PokerStars or Absolute Poker/ 

We have no way of knowing how many accounts each of these companies and associated entities have as a whole, however, Full Tilt Poker and its affiliates certainly have the most under scrutiny based on this restraining order.

A Karaka Declaration has yet to be unsealed from what we can tell or we haven’t located it yet.  This would appear to be the last of the documents to be unsealed in relation to this matter. 

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The entire breakdown can be found here


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