Michael Phelps a Sex and Online Poker Addict

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C Costigan
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Michael Phelps Stripper

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps should "get another gold medal for love making" says stripper, Theresa White, in her tell all for the London tabloid News of the World.   White claimed she and Phelps took part in a steamy threesome. 

She revealed a number of Phelps secrets, claiming - among other things - he tried to buy more cannabis to keep her happy even after feeling shamed by the photos published of him smoking, indulges his fantasies with a string of beauties he keeps on constant call for sex, chews tobacco and litters his home with foul makeshift spittoons, and - perhaps most important of all - desires to be a professional poker hustler.

Phelps was given some private lessons from the best of them last summer following his Olympics wins.  Doyle Brunson - the face of hugely successful online poker room Doylesroom.com - taught the young lad a thing or two during a trip to Vegas.  Brunson later brought Phelps to a strip club, something it seemed the swimmer had never done before. 

Did he become a stripper addict as a result? 

Forget the fact that he wants to become a poker hustler.

White admits she and Phelps never went out on a "proper date".

One time he did treat her to a "value deal" meal at Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell. "That was it," she said. "He just bought me some soft tacos. No romantic candlelit dinner. He HAD said he'd take me to The Capital Grille which is one of the city's swankiest restaurants, but it never happened. And he's supposed to be a millionaire!"

She continued: "Michael's not the all-American boy the public thinks he is. I never saw him smoke marijuana but he was into booze-and chewing tobacco. When he's been drinking that's usually when he starts crying. He cries a lot.

"And he chews tobacco like a sailor. It's disgusting. All over his house are plastic bottles that he spits it into."

White also said that Phelps had become addicted to online poker the next time she saw him after Christmas. 

"He was losing his muscles and got into online poker. He'd just pretty much play that all the time. He gambled a lot for money. One of his goals is to be a poker champ."

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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