Michael F. Orlando’s Coming Out Party at Philly Mob Trial: Calls it a ‘Death Sentence’

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Michael F. Orlando’s Coming Out Party at Philly Mob Trial:  Calls it a ‘Death Se

Michael F. Orlando testified for a second day at the trial of alleged mobster Joseph Ligambi.


Orlando came out this week as a government informer where he testified that he owed a small debt to Ligambi.

But on cross examination, the defense attorneys attempted to show that Ligambi and company never harmed Orlando, as threats and fear of violence have been central a theme during the Philadelphia mob trial. 

From the Inquirer: 

Under questioning from Ligambi's lawyer, Orlando conceded he was never beaten over his mounting debt, and that he never saw Canalichio or others on trial beat someone else who owed them money. He also agreed that tough talk and name-dropping is routine in South Philly, the false currency that people trade to get things done.

Defense Attorney Edwin Jacobs Jr. attempted to show that Orlando and the Feds were trying to frame his client.

"You were a cooperating witness for the government, and you knew darn well what they were trying to do was get something on tape that implicated Joe Ligambi," Jacobs asserted.

Orlando remains in a witness protection program.  He is now married with children..

"Can you ever come back to Philadelphia?" Assistant U.S. Attorney John Han asked.

"Absolutely not," Orlando said. "What I'm doing here today will be my death sentence."

His testimony is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

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