Miami Youth Football Team Wins Championship Amidst Gambling Scandal

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Miami Youth Football Team Wins Championship Amidst Gambling Scandal

The Miami Gardens Bulldogs Youth Football team won the Orange Bowl YFA title last week despite being embroiled in a gambling scandal.  The Bulldogs beat the West Miramar Patriots by a final score of 38-14.

Xavier Robertson intercepted three passes including one that resulted in a 60-yard touchdown run by Tyquan Thornton.
Additionally, Terrence Horne scored three times (51-yard run, 12-yard run, 80-yard kickoff return) while Nay’quan Wright had a 90-yard touchdown run and two extra point runs.

An ESPN investigation this past fall found alcohol and marijuana use prevalent during games.  Additionally, it was revealed that monies were being exchanged for gambling.


Former players and coaches say the gambling and paying of players and their parents has gone on for years, yet some league and law enforcement officials told ESPN they were not aware of the extent of the problems until "Outside the Lines" conducted interviews and showed the officials its undercover video. One man seen on video exchanging money in a group at the league's super bowl is a longtime coach in the league and city recreation leader

"At some of the games, the money is being dealt so wide open a blind man could see the gambling taking place," said the Rev. Wesley Smith, a local pastor who had his son switch leagues a couple of years ago because he was worried that an argument over high-stakes gambling debts would lead to violence at one of the parks.

South Florida Youth Football League president Michael Spivey said at the time he was not aware of the gambling problem until "Outside the Lines" showed him video shot at some of the games.

"There's a lot of rumors, a lot of hearsay, and now, looking at it, I see it's a big concern now," he said.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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