Miami Casino Won’t be the World’s Largest

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Aaron Goldstein
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Miami Casino Won’t be the World’s Largest

It will be enormous, but not the world’s largest casino as previously suggested.  Casino giant Genting plans to build a sprawling casino complex in downtown Miami but the perceived enormity of the project has raised some concerns. 

“That’s simply false,’’ Christian Goode, Genting’s top Florida executive said during a panel discussion where the casino was referred to as the ‘largest casino on the planet’. “It’s not even close to being the largest.”

From the Miami Herald:

Goode’s assertion comes more than a month after its project manager from a top Miami architectural firm outlined the components for a Genting casino that would make it the world’s largest. Company representatives said Monday those well-publicized statements were wrong, but offered no explanation as to why they waited so long to correct them.

The company also has been pushing a bill that would allow Genting to build a casino larger than anything else in the gambling industry, since the legislation caps the casino floor at 10 percent of a resort’s property. Genting has proposed a 10-million square foot, 5,200-room vacation destination on the Herald site and surrounding property called Resorts World Miami.

In an interview after his remarks at a day-long casino forum sponsored by the Beacon Council, Goode said Resorts World will likely have a casino with between 5,000 and 6,000 slot machines. That’s considerably fewer than the 8,500 slot machines that a Genting architect told the Herald were being contemplated in the design of the property.


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