Mets Club House Manager Linked To New York City Gambling Ring

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C Costigan
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Mets Club House Manager Gambling

The New York Daily News has confirmed that Mets Club House Manager Charlie Samuels is being linked to an ongoing gambling probe, which has since led to his suspension.

The 53-year-old has not been arrested but was released from his duties without pay.

The Mets issued only a brief statement.

"As this is an ongoing personnel matter, we have no further comment.”

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown (pictured in middle), who has been aggressively being going after reputed sports betting rings over the last few years, including those that operate offshore, is overseeing the investigation.

Samuels has served as the Club House Manager for 27 years.

According to one Daily News source, Samuels made it no secret that he liked to gamble, though the source doubts he was betting on baseball games.

"Everybody knew he gambled," the source said, "I know people have been talking about the investigation.”

Another source claimed that Samuels was well liked but “under review” by the Mets organization at the conclusion of this season.

He is not the first Mets employee to be linked to illegal gambling.

In 2005, the team’s groundskeeper, Dominic Valila was one of 36 people charged by the Queens District Attorney's office with participating in a $360 million gambling ring that had ties to the Bonanno crime family.

- Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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