Merge Poker Falls Through on Promise to Pay PIC Club

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C Costigan
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Merge Poker PIC Club

In a hotly contested dispute over payment, online poker payment platform PIC Club claims it has yet to receive monies promised by Merge Poker, an online poker network.

PIC Club states that Merge owes much more money in fees, however, Merge has argued that some customers of PIC Club have been "taking them for a ride" by joining Merge poker rooms and quickly leaving.  Each deposit into a Merge poker room results in fees as do withdrawals.

Gambling911.com has obtained a "settlement" email correspondence between PIC Club CEO Chuck Kidd and Merge Poker CEO Anthony Taylor.


From: Chuck Kidd CEO picclub.com

Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 4:53 PM

To: 'Anthony Taylor'

Subject: RE: Settlement






From: Anthony Taylor

Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 11:24 PM

To: Chuck Kidd CEO picclub.com

Subject: Re: Settlement


Hi Chuck


Hopefully by now the wire has hit your account.


I think, unfortunately, we are still a long way of from where we need to reach agreement. I appreciate your offer to reduce the fees for Whales, but its not the amounts that bother me. Its the behaviour of this particular "whale" and the way he deposited and withdrew.


As I said, I am happy to pay your fees and a premium to cover your time etc but $80,000 is still way too high.


As an slight aside. we are also in the midst of all his Chargebacks via credit cards which is causing us grieve with our processors. You assured us many times of his standing. I know he has fucked you too and in this respect I was wondering if there is anything we may do jointly to recover?


Your further thoughts would be welcomed



Anthony Taylor


Merge Gaming Network



On 24/08/2009, at 7:13 AM, Chuck Kidd CEO picclub.com wrote:


Hi Anthony,


In looking at this issue I of course want to come to an amicable solution. I do want to point out 2 issues that need to be considered.  1. Merge could have stopped this behavior at any time. 2. **** contacted each room and asked if they wanted his action. This needs to be considered in the equation,


I propose the following take place and any future business of a similar manner be treated as follows:


  •          We jointly agree ahead of time that a player is a WHALE STATUS and we treat his play as such with a revised FEE plan.


  •          I suggest that we process the whales at 4% in and 1% out and PIC receive 15% of the losses by the player. So I am gambling with you that the player will eventually lose.


  •          Future processing rates for Carbon and PDC is at 6% in 1.5 % out. The other Merge rooms at 6.5% in 2% out.


  •          Current **** issue I accept reduced funds immediate payout of 80K, this is working from your numbers (ours show a bit higher)and saves you 32723.56.


I think this is a good solution for all as it will allow you to save and make money on all future processing via PICCLUB and lowers the risk on whales.


Your thoughts?







From: Anthony Taylor  

Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:14 AM

To: Chuck Kidd CEO picclub.com

Subject: Settlement


Dear Chuck


Thanks for our chats over the past couple of days.


As promised yesterday, we will send a wire for $50k. i am chasing my CFO as this may be today; if not tomorrow.


Now turning to the thorny subject. I have a huge problem with the fees you wish to charge. The total fees for his behaviour during this period total $112,723.56. I do not wish you to be out of pocket for any fees you may have been charged, and of course, some juice on top for your time and effort, but sincerely this amount is just too high. i know there is a contract in place etc. but I hope you see my point of view here and we can come to an amicable solution.


I'd appreciate your thoughts.


Kind Regards


Anthony Taylor


Merge Gaming Network

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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