Massachusetts Exploring Online Gambling Opportunities

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Massachusetts Exploring Online Gambling Opportunities

The state of Massachusetts is the latest to explore opportunities in the online gambling realm. 

State Treasurer Steven Grossman wants the Massachusetts lottery to offer various games of chance and even fantasy sports betting. 

“Until the Legislature acts and passes legislation, none can be done online,” Mr. Grossman said.

"Anything we do would have to be approved by the Legislature,” he said.

From The Telegram:

Mr. Grossman said the only type of gambling that would be prohibited under federal law would be online sports betting.

The treasurer said the move is required to protect the lottery franchise which provides the bulk of unrestricted aid to cities and towns of almost $1 billion annually, as more gaming operations move into an online venue.

Mr. Grossman said the U.S. Department of Justice's ruling last year that states could sell lottery produce online and use credit cards for lottery sales has opened up the prospects for a major expansion of online gambling around the country.

He also cited proposed federal laws which he said would give Nevada based gaming companies an edge in running online gambling around the country.

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