Magic KingDOME: Wife of Purple Lounge Casino Director Must Stand Trial After Disney 'Toilet" Incident

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The wife of Media Corp PLC Non-Executive Director Chris Gorman will be forced to stand trial after an alleged sexual encounter and assault in an Orlando, Florida nightclub bathroom this past August.

Mary Gorman, 43, was charged with performing oral sex on an unknown man during a hip hop event at the Roxy Club in Orlando, outside of Disney World, while her husband watched.  Chris, 44, was also taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest.  Those charges were later dropped.   The couple was on a family vacation at the time.  Their two small children were reportedly left back at their hotel room under adult supervision. 

Mrs. Gorman was also charged with drug possession and assault on a police officer. 

Initially Ms. Gorman, who is one half of a power couple said to be worth £45 million, was permitted to clean toilets for a year as part of a community service deal that would have seen her avoid trial.  A judge this month rejected such a deal.

A source told the London Telegraph that Judge Mike Murphy sitting at Orange County Court threw out the deal based on Mrs. Gorman’s alleged attack on the officer.

The source told the paper:  “The pre-diversion programme was intended for first time offenders not facing violence charges.  Mrs. Gorman is charged with battery of a police officer and so was no deemed suitable to take part in the programme.”
She is facing up to 10 years behind bars.

Media Corp PLC is the parent company of the popular Purple Lounge Casino and Poker Room. 

- Jagajeet Chiba, Senior Reporter


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