Lou Loses it at CAP Online Gambling Affiliate Event

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C Costigan
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CAP London Fight

Eyewitnesses claim that Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) co-organizer, Lou Fabiano, approached the head of APCW, J. Todd, suggesting the two "take it outside".  By the looks of things, it appeared Fabiano was challenging Todd to a fight outside the lobby of a posh West London hotel where a CAP online gambling affiliate event was set to commence. 

That's just the half of it.  Other eyewitnesses claim that hotel security manhandled the son of Gambling Portal Webmaster Association head, Michael Corfman.  Steven Corfman was said to have been "tussled up" in the lobby. 

Both the GPWA and CAP have been embroiled in an ongoing feud in recent weeks (along with a number of other entities including the APCW) over allegations that CAP founders had an "ownership interest" in a rogue online poker room - CardSpike.com - that for many months failed to pay affiliates.  CAP endorsed the rogue room.

The only black eyes sustained were upon the industry itself it seems.

"In future all problems with GPWA and CAP should be sorted out in private, I don't want to hear about it," an affiliate member of the CAP website commented Friday night.  "The fight, topped it off, this is ridiculous, I forgot to register this year it seems, had I come down with my new business partner for his first conference after I told him of how friendly the people in the industry are and we had seen this, this would have been terrible."

Fabiano claimed to have resigned from CAP earlier in the week but advised he would be in attendance at their show. 

APCW head, J. Todd, posting on the GPWA message board gave his version of what transpired.

I arrived at the convention about mid-day and witnessed Steven (Corfman) outside the event with security speaking to him. He was obviously upset. I listened as they told him he could re-enter the hotel via the commons area in the lobby, but not return to the event.

After security left, Steven informed me that they had escorted him out of the CAP Event, even though had been registered in advance and was wearing his wrist band and a badge which granted him access.

Steven did as they instructed and walked around the building to the lobby entrance, and we had a day of meetings without ever going near the entrance to the CAP Event. It should be noted that the GPWA also had a paid room in this hotel.

Many hours past without incident, until I was speaking with Dom's (affiliate Dominique?) assistant, Donna, in the hotel lobby. I personally witnessed Steven being "escorted" from the lobby in front of hundreds of stunned people. There were 4 security officers: 2 had Steven's arms pinned back in a "chicken wing" type of submission hold with his head forced forward. 2 more officers followed to keep people away. Steven was obviously in pain and loudly telling them they were hurting him, but they continued to push him toward the elevators at a very quick pace.

I immediately pulled out my camera phone and attempted to get some photos. One photo on my phone is not too bad, but the other two do not capture Steven at all, only the officers. They pressed Steven to an elevator face first, leaning on him with their weight to "force compliance" (although Steven never resisted) before pushing him into the elevator when it opened.

Dominique and Affiliate Manager Roman from Intertops were shouting at the officers to stop being so rough. Dom was obviously upset, and Roman was yelling that this was supposed to be a civilized country. The doors shut and Steven disappeared with the 4 officers, alone. He was being thrown out of the hotel... not just the CAP Event (We were later told by a reliable source that both of the ejections were personally ordered by Lou Fabiano). I was already calling Michael (Corfman).

Michael was down within a few moments and was taken by security to meet with someone inside the event. From other statements I assume this was Warren Jolly, Lou's partner, and Alex Pratt, event organizer. I followed them as far as I could but had to stop when they entered the event.

I stood there for a few moments, not sure what to do... where Steven or Michael were... wondering if Rebecca (Liggero - GPWA rep) had seen any of this. It was then that Lou Fabiano walked up behind me and things got even worse.

I turned and saw him starring at me. It was obvious he was furious. He said: "YOU ACTUALLY F---ING CAME TO MY EVENT???" I looked around to see if he had anyone with him that I hadn't noticed yet... he did not. I said, "Yea, obviously I did."

Lou then said: "Let's step outside and talk about this." I was puzzled, as there were numerous conference rooms. The thought of a fist fight was far from my mind because that's just absurd. So I said, "What?"

Lou said again: "Let's go outside --- me and you --- and settle this like men!". Absolutely stunned, my reply was, "Are you sure you want to do that?". He said he was damn sure. I said OK.

Now, at this point I wish to make it clear that I was still totally perplexed. It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Lou Fabiano, President of CAP, was truly challenging me to a fist fight. I was not angry. I did not shout. I did not curse. I had no intention of throwing a blow at all. In the back of my head for some reason, I was still not 100% certain he actually wanted to physically fight.

Hindsight what it is, I now fully realize the man was totally serious. Had I gone outside with him, I don't believe I would have actually gotten into a real fight. I am fairly agile and think I could have avoided an assault by Mr Fabiano who --- most likely --- would not have lasted very long before he tired or someone broke it up.

However, I was walking outside with him when another affiliate manager, Shay from Rummy Royal, stepped in. Having witnessed the whole exchange, and having known me for several years, Shay said:"J Todd, as your friend I am telling you that you are not going outside with him." The reality soon hit me. I thanked him for caring and having the courage to step in. I stopped and started to walk away.

Lou, however, wasn't done. He began to taunt me and shout across the lobby until Shay was able to calm him down as well. Lou just starred at me like he wanted to rip my soul out. I also have a picture of that on my phone (yea, I was calm enough to snap another picture! LOL!).

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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