Lottery Millionaire Kills Landlord Over Eviction

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A Michigan lottery millionaire killed his daughter's landlord over her eviction, Detroit police say. 

Freddie Young, 62, is accused of gunning down Greg McNicol, 45, May 7, The Detroit News reports.

McNicol, an Australian immigrant, was renovating an apartment complex and had won praise for his commitment to the community, said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Young was one of 13 postal workers and retirees who chipped in $10 apiece weekly and scored a $46.5 million Mega Millions jackpot in February, police confirmed. 

The group went for the immediate cash option of $29 million before taxes. But even after taxes, Young would have gotten $1.57 million, assuming an even split.

Public records show he stayed in his postal job and his run-down home but bought two expensive vehicles.

Police say Young confronted McNicol, who had argued with Young's daughter, Ayana, 20, over non-payment of rent, and shot him. 

"My question is: If he had that type of money, what was his daughter still doing here?" said neighbor Florida Benton, who praised her slain landlord. 

Young was arrested Friday and faces a May 26 hearing on first-degree murder and gun charges. He could get life without parole.

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